Fire Restoration Pros

When the call comes from your insurance agent, Malcolm Brothers will be there to attend the scene of a fire, and begin acting on any instructions provided by the fire inspector. click here for more info

Expert Assessment and Elimination of Smoke Damage

You live down the hall from the apartment that caught fire? your business is next door to the building that burned? your kitchen fire was contained, but the smoke billowed everywhere? now you need professional help! click here for more info

Water Damage

Flash floods and heavy storms cause widespread destruction and catastrophic water damage, but a even a failed sump pump, burst pipe, or leaking dishwasher can make life miserable for homeowners and businesses. click here for more info

Certified, Effective Mould Remediation

At home or in the workplace, mould resulting from humidity or water damage can be a serious health concern. When you have a mould problem, call on our specially trained staff to eliminate your risk. click here for more info

Vandalism, Odour, Environmental Damage

Damage comes in many forms, and Malcolm Brothers has the experience, skill and versatility to respond. click here for more info

Fast Response to All Kinds of Wind Damage

Siding or shingles ripped from buildings? awnings torn away from trailers? trees toppled on cars, fences or front lawns. click here for more information